Google Pixel phones to get dark mode scheduling, more with March Feature Drop


If you’re like me and have a Google Pixel phone as your daily driver, expect an update with a number of new features in it soon. 9to5Google has done some digging in the latest Pixel Tips APK and has discovered references to one of Google’s new “Feature Drops” dated March 2020. In case you’re unfamiliar, in December, Google started doing Feature Drops where the company rolls out an update to Pixel phones every quarter with a few new features aboard. In March, it looks like we’ll be getting the next one.

What will Google include in the drop? For one, dark mode scheduling, allowing you to flick a switch and have dark mode turn on either at a designated time or when the sun sets. Another new feature, exclusive to the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, is a play/pause Motion Sense gesture that lets you lower your hand while hovering over your device to control the playback of music. The Feature Drop is also expected to bring a new Google Pay UI to the power menu by long-pressing the power button, along with native car crash detection to alert emergency services if your phone detects you were in an accident.

I can’t say with certainty that it’ll happen, but I’m pretty confident Google will release this update next week. It almost always releases security patches during the first week of the month, and it’s likely the two updates will ship bundled as one. Be on the lookout for fresh software, Pixel owners!

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