Apple will reportedly add a trackpad to the next iPad Pro keyboard

iPad Pro (2018) 11-inch header

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a really good chance Apple is releasing new iPad Pros this year. To coincide with the new devices, there’s also a good chance Apple will release new accessories, and one of them might be a keyboard cover with a trackpad.

According to The Information, Apple is readying a new version of the Smart Keyboard Folio that will include mouse support thanks to a trackpad. The report doesn’t mention where the trackpad will be located, but I’d bet it’s below the keyboard opposed to on the right side or something.

With the release of iPadOS 13, Apple added mouse support to the iPad, but to enable it, you’ve gotta hunt around in the Accessibility settings. That’s no way to ship a consumer-ready product, so Apple’s probably busy refining the feature for mass deployment before releasing the next iPad Pro and keyboard case.

Also, adding a first-party trackpad to the iPad Pro will only make it more like a MacBook, minus macOS and plus a touchscreen. That’s kind of been Apple’s goal since the first iPad Pro came out in 2015. It wants you to ask the question, “what’s a computer?” Right now, the iPad Pro’s pretty good at answering, and the added trackpad will make the device’s objective much clearer.

Apple is expected to release new iPad Pros in April following an event at the end of March.

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