Apple Music now shows you all the different versions of an album

Apple Music iOS 13 iPhone XS header home screen

Apple has rolled out a not-very-common server-side update to Apple Music that finally lists re-releases and different versions of albums together on the same page. For example, before, if you wanted to find a clean version of an explicit album, you had to search Apple Music for the album and hope that you find a copy of the album without the infamous E logo next to it. Now, however, you can just navigate to your desired album, scroll down, and find all of its re-releases, including clean cuts.

It’s a very simple change, but it makes a world of difference. Apple Music is already pretty cluttered and confusing, so changes like these are more than welcome, and I encourage them to occur how ever often Apple wants to release them. Keep ’em coming!

The update should be rolling out to both iOS and Android users.

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