Samsung aired a Galaxy Z Flip commercial during the oscars

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip header

Smartphone leaks have turned into quite a problem recently. Companies like LG, OnePlus, and Google have all had their phones leak out in renders, real-life images, and more in the past few years, and Samsung is no exception. So instead of suffering any more Galaxy Z Flip leaks this year, the company just aired a commercial that featured the phone and its design.

I’m not joking. Last night during the Oscars, Samsung showed off an Unpacked teaser that literally confirmed the design of the Galaxy Z Flip. You can watch it flip, stand at a 90-degree angle, make video calls, and more. It’s pretty crazy to see since the phone won’t be formally announced until tomorrow afternoon.

If you wanna see the whole ad for yourself, Nilay Patel from The Verge has a nice video up on his Twitter account. I’ll have more to say about the Galaxy Z Flip tomorrow when, y’know, it’ll officially exist.

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