LG and ZTE pull out of MWC 2020 over coronavirus concerns


Recently, one story that hasn’t managed to leave the daily news cycle is the coronavirus. As more cases pop up around the world and new developments are made in combating it, it’s important to keep the public informed about what’s going on. Obviously, I don’t cover news unless it affects technology in some way, but as it turns out, it’s time for me to talk about the coronavirus because it’s affecting the largest phone convention in the world.

Both LG and ZTE have announced they won’t have much of a presence at MWC 2020 in Barcelona over concerns surrounding the coronavirus. ZTE says it was having problems with travel and visa delays anyhow, while LG wants to do what it thinks is best in terms of ensuring the public’s and its employee’s safety.

Interestingly, ZTE still says it’ll have a booth at MWC later this month and will simply halt its press conference. Meanwhile, LG is pulling out of the show entirely, even going so far as to say the products they were gonna unveil will be unveiled at “separate events in the near future.”

With a few more weeks to go until MWC kicks off officially, it isn’t clear if even more companies will exit the show. Only time will tell, so I’ll keep you in the loop if something changes.

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