Apple is reportedly releasing a ton of stuff this year, including a wireless charger and high-end headphones


The first half of 2020 looks like a busy one for Apple. Famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a report (spotted and picked up by 9to5Mac) which details a number of the products the company is expected to release before July 2020. Because of this, it’s not a stretch to say a spring hardware event is in order, which seems likely at this point.

According to Kuo, the list of products Apple will release in H1 2020 is as follows.

  • iPhone SE 2
  • New iPad Pros
  • New MacBooks with scissor keys
  • UWB tag
  • Wireless charging pad
  • “High-end” Bluetooth headphones

We kind of already know about the first three devices since there have been plenty of rumors and reports surrounding them, but the remaining three are a bit interesting.

We were expecting Apple to announce its Tile competitors at some point last year, what with the consistent leaks and reports on the device in addition to its many leaks from inside Apple’s own software. But alas, the product has yet to see the light of day, and Kuo thinks it’s coming this year.

Remember the last time Apple tried a wireless charging pad? It didn’t end well. Fortunately, Kuo says Apple won’t be trying anything too ambitious this time around, so unlike the failed AirPower, you’ll probably be able to only charge one device at a time. While this is a smart business idea, it’s not clear if it’ll do enough to compete with other wireless chargers on the market, especially third-party ones which will likely be cheaper than whatever Apple cooks up.

Then there are the “high-end” Bluetooth headphones. Apple already has a whole company dedicated to these (it’s called Beats, by the way), but apparently, these cans would have an Apple logo on them and sit alongside AirPods. They’ll have similar functionality to AirPods with easy pairing and Siri access, and they’ll go over your ears instead of inside. It’s not clear how much they’ll cost or what they look like, but that info will probably come soon.

Just to touch on the other products, the iPhone SE 2 will have an iPhone 8 design (Touch ID and all) with iPhone 11 specs, the new iPad Pros will sport triple rear cameras and improved displays, and the new MacBooks will likely come in at least one 13-inch Pro flavor and all sport scissor-switch keys.

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