Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have proprietary ultra-thin glass


It’s pretty safe to say at this point Samsung will be releasing another foldable smartphone next month at its Unpacked event. It’ll probably be called the Galaxy Z Flip, and it’ll undoubtedly mimic the Motorola Razr in flipping vertically rather horizontally like the Galaxy Fold.

But unlike the Razr, the Galaxy Z Flip will sport a glass screen instead of plastic. Max Weinbach at XDA claims this is true on Twitter. Obviously, he’s going through a source with all this information, but it wouldn’t be surprinsg if Samsung did go for glass on the Z Flip. After all, they applied for a trademark in Europe for “Samsung Ultra Thin Glass.”

This probably means Samsung has designed its own glass for its smartphones, a glass that’s strong enough to bend and not snap in half when folded completely down. This would give the phone an edge on the Razr since glass screens tend to feel miles better than one covered in plastic.

Of course, no one’s touched a Galaxy Z Flip yet, so it’s hard to say whether this design technique will pay off. We’ll find out soon enough.

Wrapping things up, Weinbach also says the display on the front will be a 1-inch panel for checking notifications and the time. You’ll also be able to take selfies with the rear camera using the screen.

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