Apple now sells the iPhone XS and XS Max refurbished


Like it does with a majority of its older products, Apple this week began selling the iPhone XS and XS Max as refurbished through its refurbished store. The phones start at $699 for 64GB of storage and go up to $1,099 for a XS Max with 512GB of storage.

They’re not the latest iPhone by any means, but the XS and XS Max are still capable of holding their own. The phones come with an A12 Bionic processor which is still blazing fast, dual rear cameras which can still produce nice images and video, 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED displays that are beautiful, and metal/glass designs that look like jewelry. You also get Face ID, pretty good battery life, and an excellent speaker set.

Honestly, if I was shopping for an iPhone, I would at least consider picking up a refurbished XS with 256GB of storage. $799 for that phone is a good deal, even though it’s not the latest phone you can buy from the company. I have a XS right now and love it. It’s plenty fast and it does what I need a phone to do. No, it doesn’t have the crazy camera capabilities as the iPhone 11 Pro, but it still stands as a nice all-arounder.

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