How to view your Apple Music listening history

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There’s a really nifty feature that Spotify unlocks for its users at the end of every year called Rewind. It lets you see what artists, songs, and albums you streamed the most over the past 12 months, making for a fantastic set of social media posts. The service’s biggest competitor, Apple Music, hasn’t had the same feature, until now.


Recently, Apple published a new website at the address of This takes you to a new page called Replay that lets you see the same stats. What’s even cooler is that this website will remain active all year, eventually come to the Apple Music app on your phone, and even give you stats from years past. Apple loads your top 100 songs from each year in playlists as well so you can relive old jams and discover songs you haven’t heard in a while.

How to use

It’s a pretty straight-forward process to get the feature going.

  1. Visit the Replay website.
  2. Sign into Apple Music with your Apple ID.
  3. Wait eight to 10 seconds.

After that, you’ll see all of your stats populate the screen. Some of my top artists were Logic, Frank Sinatra, G-Eazy, and Post Malone. I was also able to get playlists dating back to 2015 to load.

It’s kind of an unnecessary feature, but it sure is fun, especially since you can track it all year long.

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