Announcing a new format for Matridox and Wiretapped


Today’s a pretty big day for Matridox. I’m switching up the format of my website to be a much more casual daily blog about technology that features opinion pieces, reviews, special news coverage, and more. I’ve wanted to make this change for quite some time, and now is the perfect opportunity.

I’ll be real with you all: Matridox isn’t my only job. I have other commitments that deserve as much time as I can give them. That means I don’t have the time during the day to sit in front of my computer and wait for news to break.

Starting today, you’ll see a daily blog post on Matridox in whatever form I feel like writing. Not only does this give me more time to juggle my other jobs, but it also unlocks a new creative side of my writing where I can take more time to craft the articles I want to write.

Of course, I can’t just ditch news. After all, it’s been the format I’ve used for the past four years, a format that got me to Las Vegas this year for CES 2019. To keep my reporter side alive, I’ll be using Wiretapped (my newsletter) to type out daily letters to my subscribers and fill them in on the latest from the tech world. I’ll be sending these letters out at around 5:30 p.m. ET this week, and I hope to switch to some time in the morning next week. Stay tuned!

I realize this change is a really big one, and it switches up everything I’ve done with Matridox since its inception. But typing out a dozen articles a day doesn’t let me express my creativity the way I want to, and it forces me into creative slumps more often than not.

I hope with this format change, Matridox can become something you add to your daily tech news digest. I want to become an essential part of your daily routine in order to fill you in on the latest from the tech industry, and I think with these changes, I could achieve just that.

Thanks for reading this note, I really appreciate it, and I can’t wait to show you all what I have coming up in the near future.

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