Google Finally Made a Wi-Fi Router That Acts as a Smart Speaker

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Google might’ve unveiled the new, super-cool Pixel 4, another Pixelbook, truly-wireless Pixel Buds, and an updated Nest Mini, but it also managed to cram in the unveiling of its new Nest Wifi router, a device that’s been years in the making.

Why do I say “years in the making”? Because for years, we’ve been asking companies to combine smart Wi-Fi routers with smart speakers. And in 2019, Google has done it with the Nest Wifi.

Mind you, the Nest Wifi itself acts like a standalone router. It’s got a pretty design so you won’t be ashamed to show it off in your home, and Google says it can deliver up to twice the wireless speeds as Google Wifi and up to 25 percent better coverage. The real magic is in the Nest Wifi “point” that Google bundles with the router itself.

Nest Wifi points double as smart speakers and perform the same way Nest Minis do. There’s a speaker at the bottom that you’ll hear the Google Assistant speak out of. It’s also the speaker you’ll hear your music out of which, admittedly, won’t sound the best. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’m just happy we finally have a product like this.

Elsewhere, the Nest Wifi has a simple setup thanks to integration with the Google Home app. You can control multiple households that have Nest Wifi in them (meaning you can take full control of the grandparent’s Wi-Fi system before the holidays get here), and you can pause Wi-Fi connections whenever you want. You can also display QR codes on your smart displays so guests can instantly connect to your Wi-Fi when they visit.

Nest Wifi will go on sale November 4th. A bundle with the router itself and a “point” will cost $269. If you want the router and two points, it’ll cost you $349. The system will be available in the US through the Google Store, Target, Best Buy, and more. Preorders are now open.

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