OnePlus 7T Pro Gets a Snapdragon 855 Plus, Improved Cameras, and No US Release


After revealing the standard 7T late last month, OnePlus is back at it again with today’s announcement of the OnePlus 7T Pro. The device, much like its non-Pro counterpart, is an improved version of the previously-released OnePlus 7 Pro which went on sale last May. In other words, there’s nothing ground-breaking about the 7T Pro, and that may be why it isn’t going on sale in the US.

Yup, you read that right. OnePlus has no plans to release the 7T Pro in the United States. Instead, it’ll focus on selling the standard 7T to US customers. Given the fact that the OnePlus 7 Pro remains on sale in the States for the time being, there really isn’t any reason to sell the 7T Pro right alongside it. They’re both very similar.

What do you get with the 7T Pro that the standard 7 Pro isn’t afforded? A few things. For one, there’s a new processor by the name of Snapdragon 855 Plus. This is the same chip found in the 7T, so it’s no surprise to see it in the Pro version.

You also get more baseline storage. OnePlus says the 7T Pro will get a minimum of 256GB of internal storage, up for the previous baseline of 128GB. RAM count hasn’t changed, though, with a minimum of 8GB onboard.

There are also some changes in the camera department. It’s nothing drastic, but the 7T Pro does get the improved triple-lens system and photography modes the 7T got, with the telephoto sensor now able to reach 3x optical zoom, whereas the 7T’s telephoto only reaches 2x. You also get the new macro mode which lets you get extra close to a subject to capture a more dramatic shot.

Rounding things off, the 7T Pro also ships with a larger 4,085mAh battery (85 extra mAh’s over the 7 Pro) and Warp Charge 30T.

Besides these key differences, the 7T Pro is basically the same phone as the 7 Pro. It still has a 6.7-inch Quad HD+ 90Hz AMOLED display, crazy fast and fluid software (which is based on Android 10, this time around), a pop-up selfie camera, and a glass design. The upgrades here are very minimal and certainly aren’t paying money for if you own a standard OnePlus 7 Pro.

Falling in line with the 6T from last year, OnePlus is also introducing a 7T Pro McLaren edition. The phone comes with a black and orange color scheme with carbon fiber accents, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a few custom wallpapers. It’ll be one of the fastest phones you can buy, but like the 7T Pro, you won’t be able to purchase it if you’re State-side.

The OnePlus 7T Pro will go on sale in Europe for £699 starting October 17th. Meanwhile, the special 7T Pro McLaren edition will cost £799, making this model the most expensive phone OnePlus has ever sold.

The standard 7T will go on sale in Europe on October 17th for £549.

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