Apple is Reportedly Giving the iPad Pro a 3D ToF Camera


Ming-Chi Kuo is back in the news thanks to MacRumors. The famed analyst has released a report which claims Apple will give a new version of the iPad Pro a 3D Time-of-Flight camera. The sensor would likely be used to enhance AR experiences and, potentially, provide new filming techniques for professionals.

In the same report, Kuo also says he expects Apple to adopt a scissor key switch in more MacBooks after the redesigned 16-inch model launches this year. That will be a welcome change for many as right now, Apple’s butterfly switch is everything but great. It breaks too frequently, it has super low travel, and people hate it. Switching to the scissor mechanism will undoubtedly improve everyone’s experience of using a MacBook.

Kuo says to expect both the new iPad Pro and scissor-enabled MacBooks in the first half of 2020. That means we can likely expect some sort of spring hardware event, potentially taking place at the end of March.

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