Microsoft Announces its First Truly Wireless Surface Earbuds for $249


After entering the headphone market last year, Microsoft has decided to stick to its guns by announcing a new pair of truly wireless earbuds. Simply called the Surface Earbuds, these headphones offer what the company calls “rich, immersive Omnisonic sound” and intelligent features like voice dictation and Office 365 control.

That last feature is interesting. Microsoft, along with as stellar headphones for listening to music, is pitching the Surface Earbuds as a sweet perk for using Office 365. With one of the earbuds, with a serious of taps and swipes, you can sift through a PowerPoint presentation or dictate with your voice and have Office transcribe what you’re saying. So not only does Microsoft want you to buy these things over AirPods, but they also want to buy them to control Office apps.

Design wise, the Surface Earbuds are… strange. They look sleek when in their case, but the moment you see them in someone’s ears, you begin to think you’ve entered a new reality where cyborgs have finally taken over. From far distances, I can totally see these things looking like those gigantic earrings people shove in their earlobes. Their design helps them stay in your ear better, according to Microsoft, so looking like a 2065 yuppie might be worth it for the functionality alone.

Elsewhere, the Surface Earbuds offer up to 24 hours of battery life when combined with the extra power the case supplies. They can also control apps like Spotify and come with dual microphones for improved clarity when speaking.

Microsoft says the Surface Earbuds will cost $249. We don’t have release or pre-order information just yet.

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