Samsung Galaxy Fold is Coming Back to the United States on September 27th


After serious hardware issues kept the company from launching the device in late April, Samsung has finally announced when customers will be able to purchase a Galaxy Fold for themselves here in the United States. According to the company, the phone will land in the US on September 27th, a date that’s around three weeks later than when the foldable went up for sale in South Korea and the UK.

Samsung says the phone will be available through a “select” number of AT&T and Best Buy retail stores along with Samsung Experience stores. It’s unclear if the phone will be sold online. It’ll be available in black or silver and either locked to AT&T or unlocked for all carriers. Samsung is sticking with its original $1,980 price point moving forward.

Image: Samsung

If you recall, back in July, Samsung announced it finally fixed what was wrong with the Galaxy Fold that led to early testers experiencing serious hardware issues. The company strengthened the hinge of the Fold and added caps to either end so no dust or debris could make their way underneath the structure. Samsung also stretched the top layer of the display so that the edges would live beneath the bezel of the device, therefore eliminating any confusion regarding whether the top layer is removable.

These are simple fixes, but before they were implemented, they caused major problems. Some reviewers were removing the top display layer and permanently breaking their Galaxy Folds, while others were getting mysterious pieces of debris beneath their screens that would cause strange lines and broken pixels.

Luckily, Samsung says everything should be ready to roll when it comes to the durability of the Galaxy Fold. That being said, the company did publish this video which says the Fold is delicate and should be cared for as such.

If a company has to tell me how to use my phone, I’m not buying it. But if you don’t mind that and want a foldable phone, pick one up.

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