Google Responds to Apple Arcade with $4.99/Month ‘Play Pass’


Apple recently launched its new subscription service, Apple Arcade, as a $4.99/month alternative to spending money on paid games and in-app purchases in the App Store. Obviously, Google couldn’t stay silent for long without introducing its own subscription service, and that’s what the company is doing today

Called Play Pass, Google’s Arcade alternative includes both premium and freemium games and apps that have all of their features unlocked for a monthly cost of $4.99. Google says over 350 apps and games will be available at launch.

What are some of those titles? Headliners include Monument Valley, Terraria, Risk, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Old Man’s Journey, AccuWeather, and FaceTune. All of these apps will be available with your Play Pass subscription for free with all ads and in-app purchases removed. If you already bought some apps that are included in Play Pass, you’ll have the same experience as you have now. If you’ve been using the freemium version of those apps, though, they’ll instantly update to remove the ads and give you access to all the content hidden behind the IAPs.

Google’s idea of an app subscription is noticeably different compared to Apple Arcade. Not only does Google give you traditional apps on top of paid games, but they also don’t force developers to give them exclusive rights to their apps and games. In face, Google says every app or game you find in Play Pass, it’s already available on the Play Store in either a paid or freemium form.

This is a big indication that Google wants to improve the way developers get paid on their platform. Right now, it’s not great since so many Android users never want to pay for apps. It’s been that way for years. But now, Google’s gonna try something different. It’s gonna try to convince people that paying a low, monthly fee for hundreds of apps and games will be worth it.

We shall see.

Rounding things off, Google says up to six people can use a single Play Pass subscription, so it’ll work for the entire family.

Google says Play Pass will launch in the United States this week, with other countries soon to follow. A free trial will be available to users this week, and an introductory offer can help you pay just $1.99/month for the first year. You’ll have until October 10th to snag the deal for yourself.

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