Apple’s iOS 13 is Out. Don’t Install It.

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Every year, Apple releases a new version of its mobile operating system, iOS. And every year, the question becomes whether you should download and install it. When you see that iOS 13 upgrade notification on your iPhone, is it a good idea to go through with it?

I usually say yes. This is partially due to the added security fixes Apple includes in its annual release, and it’s also due to the simple fact that you get new features.

But this year is different. The standard shipping version of iOS 13, iOS 13.0, is riddled with bugs. I had a few issues with notifications and charging while I was running that particular version of the OS, but I just assumed it was due to it being in beta form. I forgot all about them when I got the first iOS 13.1 beta which I’ve been running for a number of weeks.

That’s because things are fixed in iOS 13.1. There aren’t nearly as many issues inside the operating system as there are in iOS 13.0. In fact, the issues are so noticeable, early reviewers of the iPhone 11 series have experienced the same problems, and they were given devices directly from Apple without any software tinkering. It’s all because the new iPhones will ship with iOS 13.0 out of the box.

Mind you, iOS 13 isn’t a bad update. It has a ton of new features and improvements that make installing it on your iPhone worth it. There’s a dark mode, a new Photos app, a much-improved Maps app, swipe typing, new Memoji features, and even a new Siri voice. That’s just scratching the surface, of course, since Apple is jam-packing this release with a ton of user-facing tweaks and minor under-the-hood improvements.

Then there are the performance enhancements. Since iOS 12 last year, Apple has been heavily focused on improving the experience of using its devices speed-wise, so instead of bogging down your phone or reducing your battery life, the company has simply made each better. Even Face ID is faster.

But all of that comes at a cost for early adopters. If you want to get a dark mode and slightly faster Face ID as soon as possible, you’re gonna have to deal with bugs for a little over a week. That’s when iOS 13.1 will come out which should, hopefully, fix everything wrong with the baseline version of the update.

Unless you’re an early adopter, wait for iOS 13.1 on September 30th. You’ll have less a chance of being hit in the face with bug after bug. And let’s be honest, who likes software bugs anyway?

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