Samsung Just Announced Launch Dates for the Galaxy Fold

Today’s a rather important day for foldable phones. After it got delayed earlier this year with pre-orderers left hanging high and dry, Samsung has finally announced when it’s first foldable, the Galaxy Fold, will start shipping.

According to one press release, Samsung will release the Fold in Korea tomorrow, September 6th. Meanwhile, the UK, France, Germany, and Singapore will get the device on September 18th. Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm release date for when it’ll land in the US, but Samsung said in a separate press release that it’ll come out in the coming weeks.

This is a big deal. Before the phone’s initial launch date, reviewers discovered it had major screen issues that resulted in some early units becoming completely unusable. This wasn’t the case for everyone, but it was enough for Samsung to take notice and recall all early sample devices.

This led to a major delay in its release. Samsung originally intended on releasing the Galaxy Fold in April. Now, the phone won’t hit one of the biggest markets of them all (the US of A) until the end of this month. That’s a pretty hefty delay.

In the end, though, it looks like we’ll finally get to see what happens when consumers react to a folding smartphone from one of the world’s largest smartphone OEMs.

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