Google Officially Launches Android 10, Now Rolling Out to Pixel Owners

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Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for since the first quarter of 2019. Today, Google finally launched Android 10, the latest version of the mobile OS. The new software is beginning to roll out to Pixel phone owners everywhere. Those with phones from Samsung, LG, OnePlus, and so on will need to wait a little while for the software to get optimized and get certified by carriers and OEMs alike.

With Android 10, Google is introducing a pretty solid list of features. There’s a system-wide dark mode, native foldable smartphone support, better control over when apps can use your location, new Do Not Disturb functions, upgraded parental controls, notification tweaks, and even a native screen recorder.

There are also new navigation gestures, but these didn’t arrive easily. Google has been juggling various implementations of the new gestures with each new beta that’s been released, and it isn’t clear yet which set of gestures has made the final cut. So far, it looks like the implementation from beta 6 will be used with the back gesture living on both the left and right sides of your screen.

Of course, Google also threw in plenty of small tweaks with Android 10 to make it feel fresh like UI tweaks, improvements to security, and updated animations.

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