Apple is Reportedly Launching All-New iPads Later This Year

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In the same report where they detailed the next iPhones, Bloomberg has offered up insight into what we can expect from Apple’s next round of iPads. The publication mentions upgrades for both the iPad Pro and entry-level iPad. The iPad Air and mini were refreshed earlier this year, hence the reason they won’t see any updates later this year.

Don’t get your hopes up for a full redesign of the iPad, however. Rumor as it these “all-new” iPads will only be slight refreshes, complete with upgraded processors and improved cameras. This is exactly the case with the new iPad Pros which will see upgrades in only these two areas.

The entry-level iPad, while it won’t be redesigned, will get a larger screen. It’ll grow from a 9.7-inch display to a 10.2-inch display. This means Apple will officially kill the 9.7-inch iPad that’s been around since the first iPad was introduced in 2010.

The baseline model will also get an updated processor.

Typically, Apple debuts new iPads at a separate event in October. However, considering the upgrade’s somewhat lackluster stance across the lineup, there’s a chance we’ll see these new models alongside the upgraded iPhones in September. I wouldn’t place any bets yet, but it’s certainly a possibility.

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