Apple iPhone “Pro” Detailed in New Bloomberg Report

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It’s no secret that Apple is gonna unveil new iPhones this year, and just like clockwork, Bloomberg is back with a full report on what we can expect from Apple going forward. This year’s report gives us a pretty solid glimpse at what the new “Pro” iPhones will include.

First off, Bloomberg constantly calls the new iPhones “Pro” iPhones. This is basically indirect confirmation that this year, Apple will carry its “Pro” branding from the iPad and Mac to the iPhone. It isn’t clear if we’re looking at an iPhone Pro or an iPhone 11 Pro as previous rumors suggested, but we don’t have much longer to wait until we find out.

According to Bloomberg, the new iPhones will come with both “dramatically” improved water resistance and special new shock resistance to help protect the devices’ glass exterior from shattering. All three new iPhones will have the same size screens as they did last year, with 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch models.

Interestingly, Bloomberg notes that some iPhone models will come with a matte finish on the back opposed to a glossy glass finish like we’ve seen in the past. It isn’t clear if Apple will use a frosted glass like we’ve seen on Android phones or if they’ll use some kind of layering technique, but I’m sure we’ll find out exactly what this means in the near future.

On the back of the two higher-end “Pro” iPhones, Bloomberg corroborates past rumors by saying they’ll include three cameras. There’ll be one main camera, one telephoto, and one ultra-wide sensor. The ultra-wide sensor can be used to collect data that the main sensor can’t capture and reconstruct a photo if, for example, a subject gets accidentally cut out.

The cameras will also take higher-resolution photos and give users new editing tools. Meanwhile, the lower-end non-Pro iPhone will get a secondary telephoto lens on the back with improved portrait mode.

The new iPhones will also come with reverse wireless charging. This will allow you to place your AirPods on the back of your phone and begin wirelessly charging them.

In addition, the new iPhones will sport multi-angle Face ID (better for when your phone is on your desk and you want to unlock it), Haptic Touch with no three-dimensional layer on top of the display, an A13 processor with a special “matrix” co-processor, and a new green color with the non-Pro phone.

Bloomberg listed a bunch of other details surrounding future Apple products in its report today. I’ll be covering all of that in separate articles I’m working on right now.

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