OnePlus Will Launch its First TV Next Month


OnePlus is officially entering the TV market. After confirming its involvement in a TV project last year and recently unveiling the name of its television, OnePlus will launch its first set next month. Founder Pete Lau confirmed the news in a blog post which stated the OnePlus TV will be unveiled and go on sale as early as September.

There is a catch, however. Lau says the TV will only be available in India at launch. That doesn’t give the OnePlus TV enough reach so it can be properly reviewed and deciphered as to whether it’s actually worth buying. Luckily, Lau says OnePlus is working to bring the TV to North America, Europe, and China in the near future as they establish regional partnerships with content providers.

It isn’t clear what the OnePlus TV will feature that will differentiate itself from other televisions on the market, but one guess is that it’ll offer exceptional quality at a low price, similar to its smartphone division. It’s also rumored the TV will come in sizes ranging from 43-inches to 75-inches and even ship with Android TV onboard.

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