Apple Card Now Available to Everyone


After launching the card through a limited rollout to a select few pre-registrees, Apple this week made the Apple Card available to all eligible iPhone users. This comes after people around the world have already gotten their Apple-issued credit cards, with some going so far as to post unboxing videos of it.

When the limited rollout of Apple Card initiated, I covered why you might not want to sign up for it. I’m not gonna do that again in this article, but I will say that if you sign up for the card, you’ll have to permanently use iPhone as your only smartphone until you cancel the card.

Welcome to Apple’s Walled Garden.

Alongside the launch, Apple now tells us that you can earn three percent Daily Cash (a.k.a. cash back) through Uber or Uber Eats when you use your card via Apple Pay. More merchants will be added in the coming months, according to the company.

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