We Won’t Know Huawei’s Fate with Android Until November


Welcome to yet another story in the Huawei v. United States saga.

If you recall, back in May, Huawei got banned from using certain aspects of Google’s Android operating system, the same system found on every Huawei phone dating back to when the company started making phones. Out of a plea for mercy, Huawei managed to snag itself an extension that would allow the company to release new software updates to its phones in order to keep things like security up to date. It also lets the Chinese OEM work with certain US companies, despite being on the country’s Entity List.

Things haven’t exactly gone well for them, though. Facebook banned Huawei from pre-installing its app on its phones, the SD Association barred Huawei from using microSD card slots in new phones for a short time, and smartphone sales for the company have been reported as dropping as much as 40 percent.

It isn’t clear if there’s any light for Huawei at the end of this dark tunnel, but we won’t know for sure until November. That’s because the company was just granted yet another extension that will let Huawei continue to update its phones and release new ones.

The reason? The US says there are still other rural areas in the country that depend on Huawei’s equipment. By giving the company another 90-day extension period, those areas should have some extra time to ween off reliance on Huawei products.

Still, the extension leaves too many uncertainties up in the air. By the end of it, things could either be resolved completely or Huawei will get banned from using Android altogether. It’s hard to say what exactly the outcome will be.

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