Disney+ is Launching on a Solid Line of Platforms


The streaming wars are off to the races, and a contender everyone has their eye on nowadays is Disney. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Disney is set to launch Disney+ this fall as the future home of all the company’s content such as Marvel movies and original classics like The Lion King. Today, word surfaced as to what platforms you’ll be able to stream content from Disney+ on at launch, and there’s one glaring omission.

According to The Verge who got hold of the full list, Disney+ will initially launch on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Android TV, Chromecast, desktop browsers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku TV, and Roku streaming players.

Pay close attention to that list. See anyone missing? Perhaps a trillion-dollar conglomerate like Amazon?

Yeah, for some reason, Amazon’s devices aren’t listed. Disney hasn’t specified why Fire TV and accompanying platforms won’t be ready for streaming Disney+ at launch, and no one really has any theories. I’m going to assume Disney’s apps for Amazon’s platforms simply aren’t ready, but I’m not entirely sure. I guess we’ll have to wait until some point after Disney+ launches to see how long it takes for the apps to roll out.

Some extra details on Disney+’s launch. Disney says you’ll be able to subscribe to the service right through the apps. That means companies like Apple will be getting a cut of each subscription as sign-ups are made.

Meanwhile, Disney won’t be launching an Apple TV Channel when Disney+ launches. It would appear that Disney wants to keep its content to its main apps for the time being, but if it ever decided to launch a Channel, it would mean your Apple TV app would fill up with movies and TV shows from Disney+. It won’t be happening for a while, though, so don’t look for it.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a really good chance I’m gonna sign up for Disney+. $6.99 per month is such a good price for a service like this, especially since you’ll be able to watch practically every Marvel movie in a matter of a year or two.

Disney+ launches November 12th.

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