T-Mobile Says it Will No Longer Sell the Galaxy Fold


Late yesterday, Samsung finally confirmed when it would begin shipping the Galaxy Fold: September. The device, according to the company, has been cleared of any major hardware issues. But this news hasn’t sat well with everyone, including a particular Magenta-themed carrier.

T-Mobile has confirmed today that despite Samsung stating there aren’t any more problems with the Galaxy Fold, the Uncarrier will not be selling the device when it launches this fall. This directly contradicts the carriers original plans to selling the phone to consumers when it was originally scheduled to launch in April. The John Legere-led company confirmed the news to multiple outlets today stating they “already offer customers a wide range of [Samsung’s] latest smartphones.”

The only read I’m getting from T-Mobile’s statement is that they don’t trust Samsung’s announcement enough to confidently sell the Galaxy Fold to its customers. Can you blame them? Before the phone could even reach customers, reviewers pegged the Fold with fatal display issues. That isn’t exactly a good look, even for a product as ambitious as this one.

Luckily, the Galaxy Fold will still work on T-Mobile alongside every other major US carrier. So while you won’t be able to buy the Fold directly through the Uncarrier, at least you’ll be able to pop your Magenta SIM card in it.

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