RIP: Apple Kills 12-inch MacBook

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After its debut over four years ago as an ultra-slim laptop with not a lot of power, Apple today discontinued selling the 12-inch MacBook. The laptop stands alongside the previous-generation MacBook Air which is also getting killed off today.

The reason? The MacBook Air. Last fall, Apple finally refreshed that laptop with a 13-inch Retina display, a new design, USB-C ports, better battery life, and slightly better performance. This was all available at a lower starting price compared to the 12-inch MacBook ($1,199 for the Air versus $1,299 for the MacBook), so it was clear the smaller model likely wouldn’t make it much longer. Now, four years later, the Mac laptop that made nearly as big a splash as the original MacBook Air is being killed off.

Admittedly, the MacBook was decent for what it was. It sported a gorgeous 12-inch display, okay Intel Core Y-series processors, decent battery life, and the infamous butterfly keyboard. It also came with a Force Touch trackpad and an ultra-slim body that resulted in a weight of two pounds, making it nearly inexistent in one’s backpack. Still, the MacBook Air does much more for less money at the expense of adding a bit of weight to your bag, so keeping the MacBook in Apple’s lineup makes things unnecessarily awkward.

As is the case with every killed-off gadget, pour one out for the 12-inch MacBook. It was a decent laptop while it was around, and it ushered in Apple’s newest thin-and-light machines with a design philosophy that’s sexy and simple.

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