Report: Apple is Removing 3D Touch from All 2019 iPhones

iOS 12 iPhone XS header Matridox

A new report out of DigiTimes claims Apple will be removing its pressure-sensitive 3D Touch technology from all its 2019 iPhones. The change comes as 3D Touch features like shortcuts and peak/pop arrive on iPhones and iPads that don’t support pressure sensitivity as a part of iOS 13.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been hearing mumbles regarding the eventual removal of 3D Touch from the next flagship iPhone. But each and every life cycle since the iPhone 6s has proven to include the tech. Things changed last year, however, when Apple introduced the $749 iPhone XR, a phone that doesn’t come with 3D Touch. Instead, it ships with the company’s Haptic Touch which is essentially a rebranding of a long press mixed with a pop-up. This very feature has since made its way to iPads as a part of iPadOS (obviously without the haptic feedback) and iPhones like the iPhone SE. The writing’s on the wall for Apple to drop 3D Touch this year, and reports like these further solidify our expectations.

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