Apple Adds Touch Bar and Touch ID to Entry-Level MacBook Pro


Apple today announced an updated version of its entry-level MacBook Pro that comes with features trickled down from more expensive variants of the notebook. Before, the $1,299 13-inch Pro came with a simple keyboard and trackpad. Now, the keyboard’s Function keys have been replaced by the company’s infamous Touch Bar. Alongside it, you’ll find Touch ID authentication.

When Apple launched the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, it served the needs of those who weren’t quite ready to try Apple’s vision of the future of laptops. Now that the most basic Pro laptop the company sells includes those features, however. it’s up to the recently-updated MacBook Air to fill the same shoes by providing a well-rounded basic laptop experience.

In addition to the Touch Bar and Touch ID, the new 13-inch Pro also comes with a baseline 8th-gen 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. You also get 128GB of storage and True Tone as a part of the display for automatic color tone adjustments based on ambient conditions in your environment. Overall, the least amount of money you can spend on a MacBook Pro should be enough for semi-professional tasks to operate well.

The new MacBook Pro is available starting today online, in Apple stores, and at authorized Apple retailers. College students who wish to purchase the latest 13-inch model can do so for just $1,199 by proving they’re a student at checkout.

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