Google Pixel 4 XL Renders Surface, Hinting at Bezel-Filled Screen


A few weeks after Google went and just posted a picture of the Pixel 4 months before it’s supposed to arrive, OnLeaks and Pricebaba have surfaced new renders of the larger Pixel 4 XL which is said to switch things up, at least compared to last year’s Pixel 3 XL.

If you recall, the Pixel 3 XL wasn’t necessarily a terrible phone, but its notch certainly was. That’s why Google this year will be sticking to a larger top bezel, with the chin bezel standing significantly shorter to balance things out. This is at least according to these new renders which may or may not be accurate. Historically, though, OnLeaks has been pretty reliable, so it might be a safe bet that they get at least something right in this case.

With such a large top bezel, Google will be able to fit something similar to Apple’s Face ID or perhaps the necessary sensors for touchless gestures. That’s according to leaks and rumors which also claim the device will sport a 6.25-inch display. There also appears to be a triple camera system on the back, and one of those sensors is likely a telephoto shooter. Regardless, the Pixel 4 XL (and Pixel 4, for that matter) will no doubt have great cameras.

In addition, there also appears to be no physical fingerprint scanner, hinting at a potential in-display solution.

It’s no secret that these renders tell us the Pixel 4 and 4 XL will follow a similar trend we’ve seen with Pixel phones of the past. They’ll have excellent software, excellent cameras, pretty good specs, and middle-of-the-road designs. That’s not necessarily a bad mix, mind you. Considering how good the software and cameras are on the most recent Pixel phones, you can pretty much ignore the rest of their features and be happy. And now that there won’t be a huge notch distracting you on the larger Pixel for 2019, that experience will undoubtedly get better.

All this being said, we’re still a few months out from October when Google is expected to formally introduce the Pixel 4. Stay tuned because I’m sure we’ll have more to share soon.

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