Samsung Has Fixed the Galaxy Fold, Says New Report


After months of research and delays, Samsung has finally fixed what was wrong with the Galaxy Fold that caused multiple problems with early units in the past. That’s at least according to a new report out of Bloomberg which claims the company will soon begin producing the Fold yet again. We still don’t have a release date for the gadget, but it might be sooner than we think. Notably, Bloomberg doesn’t mention any specific time frames.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung has stretched the top layer of the display on the Galaxy Fold so it sits below the front bezels. This is to prevent people from peeling it off as we saw with multiple early reviewers. The company has also presumably redesigned some components of the Fold so weird bulges and under-screen problems don’t occur. It isn’t clear how Samsung did this, and I’m not sure if we’ll ever know.

This is yet another report about how Samsung has “fixed” the Galaxy Fold and how it will begin shipping “soon.” We’ve heard this before from past reports claiming the same thing. Only this time, a much more credible source (Bloomberg, in this case) is reporting it. That could mean we can start believing future reports regarding how the Fold has been repaired. But until we get official confirmation from Samsung, we’ll have to sit and wait, all while keeping our fingers crossed.

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