Microsoft’s Next Windows 10 Feature Update Will Barely Have Any Features in It


When Microsoft drops a major update for Windows 10, it usually means at least a few new features for people to get excited about. But when it comes to the upcoming 19H2 update which the company has begun testing with Insiders, it doesn’t look like there will be much to get worked up about.

That’s because Microsoft says 19H2 will offer better performance, new enterprise features, and “quality enhancements.” That last part might mean a few new features sprinkled here and there, but it’s hard to say given the fact the company isn’t making a big deal out of them.

One new feature that might make updating your PC less painful when 19H2 is released is Microsoft’s use of its service technology for feature upgrades. This means your PC will now update to the latest feature update the same way it does monthly cumulative updates. Admittedly, it looks like this update’s gonna be pretty small to begin with, so it shouldn’t be very hard for Microsoft to achieve such a feat.

Microsoft says users can expect 19H2 to hit their Windows 10 machines in September. You’ll have to be running the May 2019 update in order to install it.

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