Apple Might Swap Face ID with In-Display Touch ID on the iPhone in China

iPhone XS iOS 12 angle header

I love sketchy rumors on the internet because they get people excited over something that’s totally illogical. This is one of those rumors.

According to a report out of China via Mashdigi, Apple might swap Face ID out on the iPhone with an in-display Touch ID reader. The reason behind the shift in hardware would be to save costs on manufacturing in order to reduce the end price of the handset. Apple already sells special versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max in China with two physical SIM slots so it wouldn’t be the first time the company did a special model for a specific territory that wasn’t the U.S.

In the same breath, this is totally nonsensical and completely ridiculous. For one, it’s bad business to pour so much research, developoment, and manufacturing into all-new displays for an iPhone that will only be sold in China. Then there’s the fact Apple has unofficially confired its transition away from Touch ID to Face ID, what with every new iPhone now featuring the tech alongside the iPad Pro. On top of all this, previous reports indicate we’ll be seeing incremental improvements upon the existing iPhone XS and XR this year, so a change this drastic wouldn’t come until at least 2020.

Still, I thought this report would be worth sharing, even though its’ clearly false and doesn’t have a chance of exiting the “sketchy report” department.

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