Lenovo IdeaPad S940: Battery Life

This is a snippet taken from the full review of the IdeaPad S940. You can read the entire review here.

That’s another thing I’m kind of on the fence about. The battery life of the S940 isn’t all that great. I’m getting around four to five hours of usage out of this machine which, while isn’t terrible, is kind of disappointing, especially since I just came from Lenovo’s Yoga C930 which has great battery life. It’s what happens when you only have a 52W cell to power a 4K display, a powerful chipset, and my demanding workload.

In case you’re wondering, the S940 charges over USB-C with a 65W charger that comes in the box. It’s nothing impressive, so you can expect typical mid-to-slow charging speeds. Oh, how I wish laptops came with fast charging.

One day. One faithful day.