Lenovo IdeaPad S940: Design


This is a snippet taken from the full review of the IdeaPad S940. You can read the entire review here.

The IdeaPad S940 is super thin. It measures in at 12.2mm at its thinnest point which, while isn’t breaking any records, is definitely thin enough that you don’t notice it in your backpack while you lug it around all day. I would know since I walked for about an hour total in New York navigating to and from the OnePlus 7 Pro event.

Because it’s so light and thin, the S940 is perfect for holding on your lap. I’ve used a few laptops in my time that are just too big and heavy, but this IdeaPad is just the right size.

Touching on the design a bit, the Iron Gray finish of the S940 is a bit boring. I mean, it’s clean and all, but Lenovo could’ve spiced it up by offering a different color or accent trim. It’s simple and everything, but it isn’t exactly eye-catching. If you want eye-catching, you have to look inside the laptop.

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