Google Says It’s Done with Tablets


Google’s most recent tablet, the Pixel Slate, wasn’t exactly a smashing success. With the iPad still reigning supreme to many tablet customers and cheaper options like Amazon’s Fire line providing plenty of value for the money you spend, selling the $600+ Pixel Slate that didn’t receive many positive reviews is tough, even for a company like Google. Now, the search giant has confirmed it’s ditching the tablet market altogether and will place a stronger focus on laptops moving forward.

Multiple news outlets were able to confirm the news regarding Google’s shift in focus. Later, the company’s VP of design and services, Rick Osterloh, confirmed to the world on Twitter that the company’s “HARDWARE team will be solely focused on building laptops moving forward.” this basically means Google won’t be making tablets itself, but it will still partner with a manufacturer if they want to build a tablet.

Here’s what Osterloh had to say to clear the air of any confusion.

Google outright confirming it’s moving away from the in-house tablet business may seem strange, but we’ve begun to see the company act much more transparent when it comes to whispers on the internet. Just a few days ago, the company outright tweeted a photo of the unannounced Pixel 4 smartphone because rumors started swirling. Now that the company swooped in and confirmed exactly what it plans to do in the tablet market, it’s likely the search giant wants to take back some control over how its PR is handled.

Regardless of the amount of statements Google issues, however, there will always be speculation on the internet, and the company deciding to pull out of the in-house tablet market will surely stir the pot. Quitting the business just over the Pixel Slate is enough to justify this news, let alone all the company’s other failed attempts at making a truly great Android alternative to the iPad. At this time, it’s not clear if there will ever be a truly great Android alternative to the iPad, but with Google withdrawing from the competition, it doesn’t seem likely.

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