Spotify is Changing the Way it Handles Podcasts


Spotify has been everything but silent when it comes to showing its interest in the podcast market. That’s why starting today, the music streaming service is rolling out a refreshed UI to its Premium users that places a bigger emphasis on podcasts and the way you stream them.

Specifically, it’s separating music from podcasts. With the previous UI, everything was crammed together in one list that made it virtually impossible to access content in a timely manner. With the new UI, however, that same content will be separated into two tabs: Music and Podcasts.

The Podcasts tab will have a three-item list, giving you access to episodes of podcasts you follow, downloaded shows, and new shows worth checking out. Meanwhile, the Music tab takes a similar approach with a three-item menu that gives you access to playlists, artists, and albums. What’s different about the Music tab is there’s no “all songs” menu item. That option now lives in a new “Liked Songs” playlist that lists every song you’ve “hearted” in the past. It’s then made available to stream or download.

Spotify went into detail about each tab and their menu items in a newsroom post. I included snippets of the post below for reference.


Episodes: The Episodes tab allows you to quickly find new episodes or resume podcasts you’re listening to, so picking up where you left off is a snap. And further down the list you’ll find newly released episodes of all the podcasts you follow. So, for example, the episode of The Rewind with Guy Raz that you paused yesterday will appear up top, followed by the new episode of Jemele Hill is Unbothered you’d been waiting for.

Downloads: This tab serves as your repository for the podcast episodes you’ve downloaded—so you can listen even when you’re offline.

Shows: The new Shows tab allows you to quickly manage the podcasts you follow and explore their past episodes. The higher up a podcast appears on your list in this section, the more recently a new episode became available.


Playlists: All the playlists you’ve previously liked or made are here, plus a new one: Liked Songs. Every time you <3 a song it’s added to this playlist, and you can now quickly download all its content at once for offline listening. When you’re offline, we’ll also automatically sort your playlists to show you the ones you have downloaded and available.

Artists: This section is just what it sounds like: a true representation of the artists you follow. To add an artist to this section, tap the “follow” button on the artist’s page.

Albums: If you tap the heart icon on any album, you’ll find it’s saved to this section for quick listening in the future. To save all the songs to your Liked Songs playlist, tap the “…” menu and select “Like all songs.”  

It’s clear that Spotify has the ambition to take over the podcast streaming industry, and today’s change is further indication that the company wants to become the go-to solution for streaming your favorite shows. Now, the question becomes whether the company can attract enough users to its podcasts solution and whether exclusive content will propel the app to the top of the Podcasts category of every app store. Only time will tell, of course, so it should be interesting to see how things play out.

The new UI is rolling out starting today to Spotify Premium subscribers on iOS and Android.

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