Breaking: Google Just Unveiled the Pixel 4 on Twitter


In the midst of a ton of leaks and rumors that have sprung to life over the past few days. Google today took to Twitter to surprisingly unveil the design of the Pixel 4. The image the company tweeted out confirms its square camera housing in the upper left-hand corner on the back, while a G logo sits near the bottom. There’s a white power button, what seems to be glass on the back, and a shiny railing. The front of the device wasn’t shown.

This official image of the Pixel 4 appears to confirm a few suspicions. It was rumored that the back of the device would house more than one camera, and this image clearly depicts at least two lenses within the unusually large housing. There also appears to be a third module, but it’s unclear exactly what it is.

Then there’s the rumor that the phone would come with a square-shaped camera system, and the image above definitely has that. What’s more, the two-tone backplate of past Pixels appears to be gone, but it might make a return in time for the Pixel 4’s launch later this year.

It’s no secret that Google, like clockwork, has a PR problem when it comes to keeping its phones secret. Last year, tons of people were able to buy Pixel 3s and 3 XLs on the web thanks to a stolen batch of units. Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 and original Pixel were leaked into oblivion thanks to renders, real-life images, and software references. This year, that probably won’t change, but at least we have an official image to stare at until we get to see the device(s) in person.

With today’s leak, Google didn’t confirm any specs, pricing, or release information surrounding the Pixel 4. The company left with a simple message: “What ’til you see what it can do.” That probably means we’ll have to wait until the assumed October time frame to learn more official details. Stay tuned.

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