Shazam Can Now Identify Songs Playing Through Your Headphones

Shazam is a pretty great tool to have on your smartphone for identifying music that’s playing. I personally use it all the time, but one annoyance has been the limitation of only being able to play music that’s coming out of speakers. In other words, you can’t identify a song that you’re playing back in your headphones. If you hear a song in a video or if you come across a rare find on the internet, you’re forced to do the research yourself. Luckily, that changes today.

As reported by multiple users and now confirmed by the app itself, Shazam has begun rolling out an update that lets you identify songs playing through your headphones. You no longer need to use your phone’s external microphone to find information on tracks, and users can use Pop-up Shazam while in an app to quickly find the title of a song that’s playing.

Right now, this functionality is only working on Android which is a bit odd since Apple owns Shazam. But it’s safe to say the feature will arrive on iPhones and iPads in the near future.

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