iOS 13 Includes Automatic Dark Mode – Here’s How to Enable It

iOS 13 iPhone XS dark mode header

Apple recently released the first developer beta of iOS 13 and many early adopters have already installed it. The new software comes with a ton of new features like new apps, upgraded Animojis, new security measures, and plenty of UI tweaks.

One tweak, in particular, is dark mode which darkens your device’s UI and makes it much more pleasing to look at in low-light situations such as at night. Of course, you can turn the feature on or off at your disposal, but there’s also a way to have dark mode come on automatically at a certain point during the day. So, for example, if you want dark mode to come on at 8 p.m. and and have it turn off by the time you wake up the next day, you can do that thanks to this feature.

If you’re running the iOS 13 beta on your phone or tablet, here’s how to enable automatic dark mode.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Display & Brightness
  3. Under “Appearance” flick the “Automatic” switch to on

Once you flick the switch, dark mode will automatically come on at sunset regardless of where you live. Under the switch, there’s an options button that lets you customize the time dark mode comes on. So if sunset is too early or sunrise is too late, you can adjust the timing to your liking. The same functionality is available if you want dark mode during the day and light mode at night.

Here are some screenshots for reference.

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