Huawei is Banned from Including Facebook Apps on its Phones


Huawei has been banned from including Facebook’s apps on new phones out of the box. This comes via a report out of Reuters. It follows the Chinese OEM’s Android license situation which has seen Huawei lose access to Google’s services on new devices.

Historically, Huawei has included apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp as pre-installed services on its phones. But because the company is on the United State’s Entity List, US-based businesses aren’t allowed to work with Huawei unless they receive explicit government approval. That means Facebook can no longer allow the OEM to include its apps out of the box on new phones. Notably, existing Huawei phones can still use Facebook apps.

It isn’t clear when this Huawei-US debacle will end. Huawei has a temporary license with Google to continue issuing software updates to their existing Android phones, but once that expires in August, the company will have to figure out some sort of workaround to get everything back to normal. If nothing is done, Huawei will have to resort to using its own custom operating system, its own app store, and its own fleet of services.

We’ll keep you updated with any future developments.

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