Apple Announces watchOS 6 with Independent App Support, App Store, Calculator, More

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Apple today at WWDC 2019 announced watchOS 6, the next major upgrade for the Appple Watch. The update will arrive for the public this fall.

With watchOS 6, Apple is introducing a number of new apps including a calculator, voice memos, and more. The most important app, though, is the new App Store which is now independent from your iPhone. You can now visit the store directly on your wrist and discover featured apps. You can search for new apps, browse apps, and install them without the need for your phone.

That’s kind of the story behind watchOS 6 as Apple is making the Apple Watch much more independent from your iPhone with this update. The company is including independent app support that don’t require your iPhone to operate. Apple’s even supporting streaming audio so that you can use apps like Podcasts and Overcast to stream content directly to your wireless headphones.

Of course, you’re still getting all the normal watchOS additions. watchOS 6 includes period tracking via the Health app, fitness trends so you can get a bird’s eye view of how active you are over time, new watch faces, a new Audiobooks app, and a new Podcasts app. Your Apple Watch can now also measure nose levels that could negatively impact your hearing and alert you if it thinks you could suffer hearing damage.

Apple will release the first watchOS 6 developer beta today. Public testers won’t be getting a beta. To accommodate today’s announcement, the company is also releasing a new Pride band for your Watch.

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