LG V50 ThinQ Goes Up for Preorder This Friday, Launches on May 31st


After delaying the release of the phone overseas with no word on when it would land Stateside, LG has announced that its first 5G phone, the V50 ThinQ, will make its way to Sprint on May 31st. The announcement was made alongside a confirmation for the device’s preorder date which is set for this Friday, May 17th. The phone will initially be available through Sprint, with other retail outlets likely to follow in the future.

If you want to buy the LG V50, it’s gonna cost a pretty penny. Sprint’s press release lists the V50 as having an SRP of $1,152. Of course, the carrier will offer the phone at a discounted price of $48/month for 18 months so you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to afford it. It’ll also offer a promotion where you can get half off the phone and pay $24/month for 18 months with $24 credit added to your account.

To justify buying this phone, you’re gonna have to love it quite a bit, and it’s unclear if the phone will be worth the purchase in the end. Nobody has gotten a chance to play with it yet, and I hear review units aren’t ready just yet. Then there’s the fact that Sprint’s 5G network hasn’t rolled out enough in the US to offer connectivity everywhere you go, A number of major cities in the country have it, but it isn’t like you’ll get it in the suburbs of New Jersey or the small towns of Kansas just yet.

Regardless, I realize there are a number of people who can’t wait for 5G and want to jump on the bandwagon as early as possible. If you fall into that camp, you’ll be able to preorder the V50 ThinQ from Sprint’s site here.

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