Apple’s New Music App for macOS Will Just Be a Slimmer Version of iTunes


Apple might not be gearing up to launch a radically different music app for macOS after all. A report out of 9to5Mac claims that the rumored Music app for the Mac will be built using AppKit, Apple’s current app development tech that was used to build iTunes. So instead of using the new Marzipan platform that allows for cross-device compatibility with the Mac and iOS devices, Apple will just use its old tech and build a slimmer version of iTunes with a stronger focus on music.

According to 9to5Mac, the new Music app will include support for things like iPod and iOS device syncing, smart playlists, advanced library management, and even CD burning. Because of this, the Music app will just be a version of iTunes minus all the fluff that bogs it down. Features like podcasts, TV shows, and movies are all expected to be coupled with their own apps that use Marzipan.

Putting it lightly, this is really unfortunate. The Mac is in desperate need of a better way to stream Apple Music, and for yet another year, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting one. It will be rebranded to just Music, fortunately, but it definitely looks like iTunes will live on, at least for another year.

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