Samsung Galaxy Fold Will Get a Release Date Soon

Late last month, Samsung had to delay the release of its first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, due to problems with reviewers’ test units. Since then, we haven’t heard much other than the fact that Samsung might cancel your pre-order for the Fold if you don’t talk to them. Luckily, today, we have some good news to share courtesy of The Korea Herald.

According to the Herald‘s report, Co-CEO DJ Koh has confirmed that Samsung will announce a new ship date in the near future. The company has, according to Koh, “reviewed the defect caused from substances [under the screen]” and “will reach a conclusion today or tomorrow.” That means we should have a proper release date for the phone very soon. “We will not be too late,” Koh went on to say.

At this point, Samsung has delayed the Galaxy Fold by a couple of weeks due to the problems reviewers were pegged with. The company says the issues are fixed now, but it isn’t clear if this is true since nobody’s been able to test the Fold in real life since the early units were recalled.

Let’s not forget that the last time Samsung said an issue with their phone was fixed, it literally blew up in their face. I’m not saying you can’t trust Samsung, but it’s probably best to give the Galaxy Fold a couple of weeks to sit after its release to see if any issues pop up among early adopters.

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