Twitter Adds Images, Videos, and GIFs to Retweets

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For whatever reason, throughout the vast history of Twitter, the company never added the ability to attach a photo, video, or GIF to a retweet. Luckily, that’s changing today as the social network has announced the feature is now available for iOS and Android users. It’s also available on its mobile website.

When you hit the retweet button on a tweet, Twitter will now give you the option to attach an image, video, or GIF. After hitting tweet, the original tweet will be shrunken down in your timeline while your reply will stand front and center. It’s a handy tool if you want to add more context to a tweet you were mentioned in or if you want to make sure everyone sees your reply to something.

The feature is now available for mobile device users. Those using the desktop version of Twitter will need to wait for the function to roll out to them.

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