Google Adds ‘Tiles’ for Glanceable Information to Wear OS

Wear OS Google header

Following last August’s complete redesign of the operating system, Google today announced an update for Wear OS that will add glanceable cards of information to smartwatches. Called Tiles, these slides will give you information from a variety of services on your watch with a swipe of your finger.

To use Tiles, all you do is swipe left on the main clock interface of Wear OS. From there, you’ll be greeted by six different slides: Goals (from Google Fit), Forecast (from Weather), Heart rate, Headlines (from Google News), and Timer. These quick glances of information, Google says, will help you stay in the know better than before.

Personalization is possible with Tiles as Google allows you to rearrange them to your liking. You can also add and remove some if you don’t use them. Of course, some Tiles such as your heart rate won’t be available if your smartwatch doesn’t have the required hardware. Google says it will be adding more Tiles over time.

Tiles will roll out to Wear OS devices over the next month. Those attending I/O 2019 will get to try them out at the Android Sandbox.

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