Facebook Will Make Messenger Much Smaller on iOS

Over the years, Facebook Messenger has become an overcrowded, abominable wasteland filled with useless features and a ton of bloatware that bogs your entire phone down. Last year, Facebook rolled out a redesigned version of the app to both iOS and Android which significantly made the app more pleasant to use. Today, during F8, Facebook announced yet another redesign, this time for iOS, that will make the app even more efficient.

According to the company, Messenger will soon be as small as under 30MB. This means the app will shrink to around 20 percent of its current size. It’s all thanks to a complete restructuring of the app from the ground up. This also likely means Facebook is laying the ground work for its upcoming cross-platform support that will allow users on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct to message each other without having to switch apps.

Until then, though, users on iOS will be treated to a much more lightweight version of the standard Messenger app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Facebook is planning to bring this same restructuring to Android, but there’s no word on whether the company will never do so. Just not in the near future.

In addition to the restructuring, Facebook says it will introduce a new feature that will let users on Messenger watch videos together. It’ll also introduce a new space inside Messenger built for close friends and family. Both features will be included in the new app which should roll out later this year.


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