Nintendo is Letting Android Users Sign Up for the Mario Kart Tour Beta


Nintendo today announced it’s opening a sign-up form where people can register to join the beta group for the company’s upcoming mobile game, Mario Kart Tour. The game was originally scheduled to be released in March of 2019, but the company delayed the game for unknown reasons. Now that we’re inching closer to the company’s summer ’19 projected release date, it makes sense to see the beta open up.

According to Nintendo, beta applications will close on May 7th. Afterward, the first beta of the game should be available for users through the Google Play Store. That’s another thing: for the time being (at least), Mario Kart Tour will be exclusive to Android. The game will eventually land on iOS, but it doesn’t look like the beta will.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Mario Kart Tour other than its name. It’s everyone’s guess that the game will be similar to the version that’s on the Nintendo Switch, Wii, and DS. But until we get a look at the beta, we won’t be able to guarantee anything.

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