Microsoft Removes Sets from Windows 10 with No Promise of Return


Microsoft has removed its Sets feature from all test versions of Windows 10. While the company didn’t appear to have a reason for doing so, ZDNet reports it’s because Microsoft has switched Edge over to Chromium. Edge was going to be a big part of Sets, but now that it’s undergoing a major upgrade, Sets has to sit on the back burner.

This past weekend, Microsoft’s senior program manager Rich Turner even tweeted “the Shell-provided tab experience is no more.” However, tabs inside Windows’ command line will apparently be added in the future since it’s “high on [Microsoft’s] to do list.”

With Sets, users could access different apps without having to constantly switch between windows. It would allow a user to have one window open with multiple tabs inside, giving them access to whatever app they needed to get at. It was tested in previous beta versions of Windows 10, but it hasn’t made an appearance since.

What’s even sadder is that Sets may not be coming back. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether work on Sets will be continued, nor did it say whether the project was scrapped as a whole. Turner’s tweet above seems like confirmation that Sets will never ship, but it’s too unclear right now to make any predictions.

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